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Proust in Salemtown

I live in (and love), the Salemtown neighborhood in north Nashville. Other than distilling the essence of truth from baseball box scores, there are few things that give me more pleasure than walking around my neighborhood. I've lived here since last August and have learned that for a true community to exist two things are necessary: sidewalks and front porches. Diatribes against the sterility of suburbia are cliched and tired, but why people want to live in a world without front porch sitting and sidewalk conversations is unimaginable to me. I come from a part of town that lacks sidewalks and lacked the cachet of front porch social gatherings. I didn't know what I was missing....

Down the street from me is an old brick house with a large side yard. Walking past that yard reminds me of whiffle ball games and touch football games with my kids (many years ago...sigh). Whiffle ball was a part of my youth as well.

Everytime I walk the neighborhood, I see something new that sparks not only memories, but possiblities of days to come.

I'm grateful to be here.

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