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Nuts and Boltons...

I'm working on the theory that the Bolton 'recess' appointment is actually encouraging. I don't mean it's encouraging in the sense that it is a rational non-divisive 'we are the world' kind of thing, but there are two points that need to be made: 1) Conservative presidents do this kind of thing - Nixon appointed William F. Buckley and Reagan gave us Jeanne Kirkpatrick and the U.N. somehow survived. More importantly, 2) Bush had to resort to the only way he could get this guy in the job. This is not the move of a man who feels confident.

The transparent ploy of rushing John Roberts to the front in the attempt to move Karl Rove from the headlines didn't work. The American public may see the need to continue sending sons and daughters to Iraq, but they now smell the rat in the RATionale and despite the fact that many of those very sons and daughters are doing wonderful things in some parts of Iraq, they are beginning to see that planting a garden in the back yard really doesn't mean a lot when the house is burning down.

So, why is all this Bolton bolt-on encouraging? The people who support Bush think it's a wonderful move, the people who dislike Bush think it is a crazy move, and somehow I'm thinking that the mechanics of the move portend that maybe a few more people are moving into the second group.

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