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"You don't have to look, you don't have to see..

You can feel it in your olfactories" (line from Loudon Wainwright's song Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road). It's high summer in Salemtown and our friends at Metro Water are sharing their 'Eau de Salemtown' (or as Tennessean writer Nancy Deville might call it - 'Eau de Germantown Area) with the greater Salemtown area.

I can't imagine a developer hoping to peddle 350,000$ townhouses in the heart of Salemtown wanting this malodorous fog to descend upon potential buyers as they peruse the potential living quarters conveniently located close to Norman's Market back door.

Last night the odorage was so pervasive, I was getting nostalgic about the old Nashville smog of my youth. Salemtown old-timers were saying that it used to be worse, but I can't imagine what the smell would be like if I could actually breathe (sometimes allergies do have their advantages...).

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