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It never rains in Southern California and pitchers don't pitch complete games anymore...

Except tonight it WAS raining in So Cal, and the White Sox rode the way-back machine - Four straight complete games by ChiSox starting pitchers on their way to the World Series. Last time the Sox were in the series, Venezuelan Luis Aparicio, Hall of Fame Shortstop, led the go-go Sox against the evil Dodgers (and sadly lost). This year's model is also lead by a Venezuelen (manager Ozzie Guillen) and also has speed but features a bit more pop. Congrats to the South Siders.

Looks like the Astros are gonna win the National League. If someone had said early in the season that the Stros and the Sox were going to face off in the Fall Classic, they would have been met with the same incredulity as someone predicting that Harriet Miers would be nominated to the Supreme Court...

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