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Now I know why my dreams end with 'I'm Bob Corker and I approve of this dream'.


I know that the infamous McCain-Feingold act made it necessary to add the 'I'm ______ and I approve this message' coda to ads'. In some cases, the candidate doesn't speak in the ad at all, but comes on at the end to 'approve the ad'.

This makes sense when the great voiceover guy says stuff like 'Bill Williams* is a syphilitic jelly-spined misanthropic toad who supports man-canine marriage' and the candidate comes on at the end and says, 'I'm James James and I support this marriage.' James is letting us know that he approves what voice-over guy just said. But, when James James himself actually is seen walking and talking throughout the entire ad, and NO other voice is heard in the entire commercial, why is it necessary for James James to end with "I'm James James and I approve this message". Do you regularly NOT approve what you just got through saying? Has anyone running for office ever not immediately approved the message he just spoke (John Kerry doesn't count!).


The website for Claudia Nunez is up and running. Please sign the petition if you agree that Claudia shouldn't be separated from her family. If you choose to sign as anonymous, please add a comment.


What if Aaron Sorkin wrote a show about baseball. This guy NAILS it. This script is actually better than the real script for the last shown Studio 60.

ft: Clicked


Thanks to Aunt B, I discovered the wonderful music blog of Cricket and Mimi. Definitely worth more than a look.


And finally, a message from Black Santa: Every damn year, you people start my holiday earlier and earlier. For the love of Rudolph, I'm still tired from LAST year. Give it a rest.

Apparently, this problem is not confined to US.


*Bill Williams is not a real person despite the fact that there probably are, in fact, actual people with that name. I do know someone whose name is truly 'James James', but I'm not referring to said James in this posting.

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