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Separate the signal from the noise, or, Kerry is NOT the problem here..

Senator Kerry, once again demonstrating why his oratory didn't gain him the White House, made a joke about President Bush. Kerry was NOT talking about the soldiers in Iraq. Kerry's joke about the uneducated being stuck in Iraq was a ham-handed slap at the White House leadership. I'm not sure that the 'joke' really served much purpose other than getting the right-wing something else to get all dithered about.

Here's the point that the White House would like to obscure: 2,816 (and counting) Americans killed in Iraq and 21,077 wounded. This war was a horrible mistake. More Americans than not have come to believe that toppling Saddam was not worth this cost.

Take a look at some of the cost. The Bush solution to the quagmire is to change the slogan (uh, we're not staying the course anymore, that is sooooooo played), and attack people like Kerry (who himself was 'uneducated' enough to actually SERVE in Vietnam).

The slogan changes and the attacks on the likes of Kerry are political noise. While the right gets lathered over a misperceived slight, the real reason to be upset goes on, and on, and on.

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