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You can ride up front on the bus, but it's better to be white when you drive your car..

Flashback to separate water fountains and 'colored' bathroom entrances, and klan marches. White flight from neighborhoods close to where I grew up and everyone treating the first black kid at Lipscomb High like he was some kind of science experiment..When I heard that Rosa Parks died, I thought about courage and prejudice and yeah, we've come a long way from that bus ride, but let's not overtax ourselves backpatting.

I always find it amusing when white people proclaim that racism is pretty much a thing of the past or that we need to move on. If you have any black acquaintances have a little chat wth them about shopping in department stores or driving through predominently white neighborhoods.

Check out the study from the Department of Justice Statistics Division on racial profiling and what happens after people of color are pulled over...oh crap you can't check out the parts concerning race because the Bush folks removed them from the report. In fact when the Director protested the exorcism he was let go...

From the NY Times on August 26...
The White House is replacing the official, Lawrence A. Greenfeld, who is director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics, months after he complained that senior political officials at the department were seeking to distort publicly the findings of the statistical report by his agency.

The report found that while drivers from different racial or ethnic groups were stopped by the police at essentially the same rate, blacks and Hispanics were much more likely to have their vehicles searched or be subjected to the use of force once they were stopped.

If you wanna honor Rosa ask the Bush folks to release the unexpurgated report and maybe to quit shooting the messengers.

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