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blogspamalot - who's writing this stuff??

Our kids are all in their twenties now, but when they were in their teens we had more than a few anxious moments and a few of those horrible late night phone calls that never bode well. My sons never called at 2:00 AM to discuss the Yankees.

I'm sure that if we had known the deep secrets of their hearts we might have been able to anticipate some of the problems. But, what I didn't know (and now know thanks to blog spam) is that instant road repair may have been the bond that would have held the family together AND possibly reduced the amount of car insurance that we've paid over the years. If ONLY the following message had come to my attention when my kids were teens.

I pass it along now hoping that if you have kids you will pay attention and heed the call. If only ONE child can be absorbed into the world of instant road repair, I've done my job.

The following 'spam' is printed as I found it in all its glorious and mystifying power:

Many teens hide deepest secrets in plain sight. Blame it on bawdy talks shows and reality television. Today's teens are telling tales of ... It's the "Jerry Springer syndrome," said Patrick O'Malley, a marriage and family therapist in Fort Worth.

Find out how to buy and sell anything, like things related to instant road repair on interest free credit and pay back whenever you want! Exchange FREE ads on any topic, like instant road repair!

I'm fighting back the tears..God BLESS Instant Road Repair!

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