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ACK...ACK acronyms

I work in state government. Some would say that the last statement is oxymoronic, but I take resemblence at that...it's lunchtime now and I'm not working through lunch.

Government is overloaded with acronyms. Just today, I've discussed RFPs, ISPs, ACKs, and MDEs (not meals declined by Ethiopians), with the DAC, HSA, and NGSC.

I've worked with BCF on MDRs and HDCs reporting TSH's.

We have a legacy system here in the Health Department that was created in the early 1990's. We're struggling to get up to year 2000 technology statewide. We have a new group putting together a plan for a replacement system.

I'm thinking that the committee should be called the State Health Information Taskforce, but nobody seems to like my acronyms around here...


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