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Ludye-crous - Our ethically challenged Metro Council

The only downside of moving from the Green Hills area to Salemtown was swapping Jim Shulman for Ludye Wallace as our city council representative. Shulman is bright, hard-working and an ethical oasis in a largely arid council desert.

Shulman was one of nine attendees at last weekends Metro Council's meeting on Ethics Task force Recommendation. S-TownMike weighed in on the pathetic attendence HERE.

In today's Tennessean article about the Ethics Bill up for a vote tonight, my new councilman is quoted - "If it took a couple of years to put together, it might take us a couple years. You see how we operate in the city council".

Other members are still carping about the loss of the free meal and the fact that their spouses source of income might have to be disclosed if the ethics bill passes.

If anyone doesn't understand why the spousal income disclosure is a good idea, check into Jimmy Naifeh's wife's occupation.

If the Council doesn't pass the ethics legislation tonight, they are as tone-deaf as Ashlee Simpson at the Orange Bowl. Their theme song should be by the OTHER Ludicris - namely, 'Pimpin' All over the World'.

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