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Reasons to be cheerful...part 3

Despite Aunt B's cheerful contrarian advice to list things for which we are UNgrateful, I've gotta go with the grateful ABCs*.

unt B** - straight from Jagger's quote about putting the knife in your heart and spilling it all over the stage. B's love for her family is the thread that runs so damn true, especially in those pieces where she is excoriating her brother.

Baseball - 90 feet between the bases=closest thing to perfection mankind has devised. We recently and rightly celebrated the life of Rosa Parks. Back in the day when baseball was THE American sport, woven tightly into the zeitgeist, Jackie Robinson running out on that field and staying out there despite an extraordinary amount of abuse, rocked the established world and made liars out of millions.

Coffee - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Coffee. Between my own Black & Decker coffee maker and the latte's over at Portland Brew and the French Press coffee at Bongo, I'm a happy man. What would make me even happier is if some bright entrepreneur type would build or open up a coffee house in Germantown/Salemtown. It is a cliche, but if they build it, WE WILL COME.

DVDs - all those movies I missed right here in my own cacoon.

Enclave - the best neighborhood hyper-blog around. You may not agree with his politics, but S-TownMike IS the source of not only neighborhood news, but gives us the vision of what a neighborhood should be.

reedom - Encapsulate western civilization in one word.

od - I'm confused, pissed, angry and more confused a lot of the time, but suddenly, in the words of C.S. Lewis, I'm surprised by joy.

armony - In the musical sense (sometimes in the let's try to get along sense, but not too often - this ain't switzerland). Get to that point in the song 'Silver Springs' by Fleetwood Mac when everybody chimes in behind Stevie Nicks..the chorus in Southern Cross by CSNY or the chorus in Bleeding Heart Show by the New Pornographers...still get the chillbumps and i've heard em' 1000s of times

Ian Rankin - Scottish 'plaid noir' mystery writer. Dark (hell, he's Scottish) and grainy, Rankin never fails.

Just Another Pretty Farce - Katherine Coble is often curmudgeonly, curt, cranky and clear-headed. She's celebrates the nerd, the geek and the sci-fi freak, and she is hands-down the best writer in the Nashville blogworld (and from what I can tell - many points beyond Nashville). I'll accept debate on many points, but on this one I will brook no opposition.

eb Mo - a musical smile - the non-sappy kind. His version of Love Train has the deep-down soul.

La Luna - Berry Hill cafe celebrating Turkish cuisine. Not expensive but really really tasty.

orrison (as in Van the Man) - my words are superfluous. Rave on, John Donne, rave on..

eighbors - Stephanie and Ben rule. I'm twice their age, but it just doesn't matter.

tis Redding - That's How Strong My Love Is...still gets to me.

atti Griffin - red-headed angel who writes like one and sings even better

uandries - because life would be so boring and easy without them

Rolling Stones - You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need.

Sparky - our Australian Terrier. He thinks he's king of the world and has peed on pretty much every telephone pole, light pole and fire hydrant in this part of the world...marking his kingdom

Thanksgiving - my favorite American holiday. Other than the stress about 'dressing', much less pressure than the more famous holiday right down the pike.

U2 - i ignore the political poses of most entertainers. Bono actually knows and cares, plus they still rock.

eronica Mars - I'm in crush with VM. One of the best TV shows around. These guys know how to arc.

odehouse - his world is THE escape, plus he's just such a damn good writer. Bertie is the funniest twit in literature.

X - tie between X-files and reX L. Camino. Before they jumped the kinkajou, X-Files inverted everything you thought you knew. Rex lives in his own world too, and it's funnier.

ams - not just for Thanksgiving. Go to Sweatts, go to Carolyns..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..yams.

evon - send lawyers, guns and money, dad, get me out of THIS.

*Let's just stipulate that we're grateful for our family..blah, blah, blah..(c;
** There are plenty of other blogs and bloggers that I didn't put on this list that I am most thankful for: Brittney, Sharon Cobb, Sarcastro,Kleinheider, Krumm, Harry Monroe, Glen Dean and the TUIB crowd, and Big Orange Michael are a few more I particularly enjoy and for whom gratitude is hereby expressed.

Update: I knew I'd forget some people...I love TVontheFritz and the 'fierce' liberalism of Chris Wages' Quiet Life, along with Huck's world.

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