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Let em' try to eat Cheesecake

We ventured into the bowels of the Green Hills mall area last night to see "I Walk the Line" (not a bad movie - Nashville's Reese Weatherspoon is amazing as June Carter Cash). The Green Hills Regal is still my favorite movie theater in Nashville because the place is kept clean and they don't shy away from the indie pics not usually seen in mainline mall cinemas.

We went to an early feature (ok, I'm cheap). After the movie we wanted some grub. We didn't even bother with The Cheesecake Factory because we saw the lines (the last two times we tried to eat at TCF, there was a 3 1/2 hour and 2 hour wait respectively). We ended up at David-Kidd 'Bistro')..not bad, if you don't mind supping amongst the shopping.

Because I really do believe in capitalism and appreciate what it takes to make a profit (hey, it must have taken a LOT of work to get ALL the gas prices in Nashville to be exactly the same the Friday after Katrina hit!), I'd like to offer some suggestions to Cheesecake Factory and Davis-Kidd.

1) In order to keep the lines long at Cheesecake Factory, offer any pregnant woman a free meal for her entire family if she delivers before she is seated in the restaurant. In addition, if any woman conceives AND delivers before she is seated her family eats free for a year.

2) To Davis-Kidd: PLEASE MOVE BACK to Graces Plaza. The relaxed atmosphere of the old place has been replaced by the frenzied pace of mall shopping. Parking is a nightmare..actually, it would be a dream if there WAS any parking. I'm begging here..I loved the old Davis-Kidd. I've made an effort to acclimate to the new joint...it just doesn't work.

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