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Salem's Lots World of Entertainment

Prime eye-candy, ex-24 actress, Elisha 'i'm acting as hard as i can' Cuthbert has her own blog. Obviously, it's about...hockey.

Note to Brad Paisley: When you're singing 'Folsom Prison Blues', try to remember that the song is not a lilting romp. Sporting a big grin when singing, 'I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die' somewhat dampens the effect of the line. I hope this helps.

Intrepid blogger Rex L. Camino, pound for pound the funniest man in Blogville' monkeys around with the legend of Paris...such frippery.

Finally, Mr. 'T' will tell you where you can go. Navtones Navigation system is recording celebrity voices for their specialized car navigation systems. Also slated as a celebrity voice is Dennis Hopper. 'T's 15 minutes of fame has expanded by about 15 years..I still don't get it. On the other hand Hopper is certainly not untalented. I can only hope he doesn't use the accent he affected in the first season of '24' when he played a Russian emigrant. All I could think of when I heard him assay the accent was - MUST KILL MOOSE AND SQUIRREL.

Hutchmo, OUT.

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