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Begging the Question with The Real Ugly American

A recently discovered fellow Democrat (courtesy of Bob Krumm's blog) seems nearly as disenchanted with 'our' party as I am. I suspect he's a bit closer than I am to going over to the 'dark side'.

Today the Californian Ugly American challenged Democrats to answer the following four questions:
1. Do you think succeeding in promoting a democracy in Iraq would be a good thing?
2. Isn't that something the Democratic Party stands for?
3. Do you think the 25 million people living in Iraq deserve similar freedoms to the ones we enjoy?
4. Do you prefer we leave now and condemn them to chaos wiping your hands of the whole thing since you never supported the war in the first place?

If you ever wondered what 'begging the question' meant, look no further than these four questions.

Why don't you ask THIS:
1) Do you think that every child in Africa should have access to clean disease-free drinking water?
2) Isn't that something Americans stand for?
3) Don't you think that these children deserve to drink water as clean as the water we drink here in the USA?
4) Do you prefer to ignore this problem and subjagate hundreds of thousands of African children to death by cholera?

Obviously..most of us would like Iraqis to be free and for the kids in Africa to have access to clean drinking water. Those really aren't the questions.

Is it possible in the geo-political reality in the Middle East for democracy to exist in Iraq without the type of civil war that has plagued other politically divided countries for decades?
Is there any way to provide African governments and aid associations the money and technology to provide clean drinking water without the money being filtered through corrupt bureaucracies and graft-friendly politicos?

If you're going to ask questions, let's ask questions that don't BEG the answers!

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