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To the Chevy Suburban Driver who cut me off today on I-65

Ok, I was already REALLY cranky today because I had to fast last night and this morning before a trip to my doctor for some bloodwork. My doc is in Brentwood, so I had to do the John Hyatt 'Drive South' thing this A.M. I was in the right lane on I-65 minding my own business, not talking on any cell phone, listening to the radio, checking my mirrors periodically. I drive a forest-green Isuzu Rodeo (small SUV). I did not purchase the shield of invisibility option when I bought the car. Despite my obvious presence on the freeway, a seemingly oblivious Suburban-driving rude-nic pulled into my lane right in front of me missing me by about 4 inches.

Like so many other expletive deleted drivers around here, he did NOT USE HIS TURN SIGNAL when changing lanes. As a public service to this driver and all the butt-heads who aren't aware of the turn signal and its utility (ironically I'm sure that no one who reads this would ever behave in such a way), I want to help.

The lever jutting from the center of the wheel column leftward is called a turn signal lever. If you push it down, it causes the left tail light to blink on and off denoting that you wish to either turn left or change lanes to the left. If you push the lever upward, the right tail light will blink on and off denoting a right turn or move to the right lane.

The front and rear lights on your car have something called turn signals.
turn signal - a blinking light on a motor vehicle that indicates the direction in which the vehicle is about to turn

I hope this helps. If this kind of thing continues I might just have to go 'Blake-Wylie' on someone.....

Addenda: I agree wholeheartedly with B. Krumm on the matter of 2004 Presidential election bumper stickers. The damn election is over. The car that cut me off had a 'W' sticker on it, but I've seen way too many butt-head drivers with left-leaning stickers, Jesus-fish, Darwin fish or Bush stickers to begin to attempt to affiliate butt-head driving with any political or religious persuasion.

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