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Things that will make me cry today

Seeing anyone with red hair

Hearing anyone with a goofy laugh

Hearing people who clomp when they walk

Seeing certain pictures

Thinking of that last hug today at the airport when I realized I wasn't going to see her until freakin' 2007

Thinking of how nervous she is right now on her flight to DC where she will meet 36 other people going to Peru in three days

Seeing some of the odd stuff from her apartment that doesn't make sense to take to Peru (a very large stuffed banana - don't EVEN ask)

Nothing is happening to me that hasn't happened to hundreds, thousands, millions of parents, but she is my daughter and I can cry if I want to.

If you look up the definition of emotional basket case in wikipedia or the dictionary, don't be frightened if you see my picture. For those of you who don't know already, my daughter left today for a 2 year 3 month stint in the Peace Corps. I am a proud and fragile father today.

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