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Stem the veto, President Bush

I understand opposition to abortion. I understand the implications of eugenic tampering and why that should give us more than pause. What I will never understand is why anyone would be opposed to using stem cells that would otherwise be discarded and derived solely from embryos DONATED by fertilization clinics in excess of need.

In the early 50s, Watson and Crick were attacked mightily by 'the church' and religious conservatives for tampering with God's work for doing nothing more than the discovery of how DNA and RNA are the building blocks of human life. Their work has led to myriad benefits in disease eradication and disease prevention. I don't think anyone seriously thinks that Watson and Crick were agents of the devil anymore.

Now, we are at the brink of amazing breakthroughs in treatments for spinal injuries and diabetes (the real pandemic of the 21st century). In 50 years, the opposition to stem cell research will be an anthropological artifact as puzzling as the lost colony of Ronoake.

There are debateable issues with human cloning and creation of human organs for harvests, but for the life of me (and for many many others), I don't understand oppostion to the following:

The bill passed by the House last year, as well as the one the Senate will vote on next week, permits federal funding for research if the stem cells are:
— derived from embryos donated by in vitro fertilization clinics;
— in excess of the need of the individuals seeking fertility treatment;
— otherwise going to be discarded;
— donated by individuals with their written informed consent and without any financial or other inducements.

Use your veto pen for the next 'earmarked-pork-laden' highway bill Mr. President, and practise a little of that rusty compassionate conservatism by signing the impending stem cell research bill into law.


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