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A conservative still can't say anything racist, or, just macaque-ing around

Plenty has already been said in blog-land about George Allen's verbal insult flung at a non-supporter who apparently had been shadowing Allen's campaign stops. What always cracks me up is how many conservatives refuse to admit that a racist statement is a racist statement. Back a few months ago, when William Bennett made his 'you could abort every black baby and crime would go down' mal mot, a crack I might add I doubt he would say in front of say, a black church group, conservative apologists across the land practically pretzeled in defense of the statement *.

Now we have an intelligent Senator who randomly calls this guy...

a macaca. Macaca is not your ordinary random insult. Then they tried to say that he used the term as a variant of mohawk, as in mohawk hair cut...hmmm, does that haircut look anything like a mohawk???

Read the whole statement in context with the next topic in Allen's speech:

"Lets give a welcome to Macaca, here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia," said Allen, who then began talking about the "war on terror."

This is nativist talk, which linked to the chain of nooses in the office (now removed), confederate flags in the office (now removed) belies the fact that this was some random insult.

Look for more apology and more trips around the area with a prominent black figure..

Not saying the dude is a stone racist..but I'm saying that this statement was a calculated racist statement, and all the apologists in all of conservative-land can do the monkey any way they wanna and it still smells.

I just gotta wonder what it would take for something to be called racist by some of these folks...

I should add here that many conservatives have taken offense at the statement, and one in particular (Roger A) makes an excellent point about Allen's future campaign:
'if some low-level operative from an opposing political campaign can get under your skin like that, how well are you going to handle real problems in the Oval Office?

* And yes, I know that Bennett was making a point AGAINST abortion and that he doesn't really wanna abort little black fetuses. I just think he could have made his point in a less offensive way.

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