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Coffee shop, sorta, comes to Salemtown-Germantown area, sorta

Ok, first of all it's a Starbucks (ok, I admit it, I actually like their coffee) and it's technically in Salemtown by the stretchiest of Salemtown border definitions.

Many years ago, my current neighborhood had it's northernmost section lopped off by what is now known as the I-65 loop. Salemtown extends from Hume on the south end to Dominican on the north end and is bounded by 8th and 3rd on the west and east sides respectively. Domincan is located at the southernmost end of Metrocenter and is on the OTHER side of the interstate from most of Salemtown. The relevance of this geography lesson is ....

According to a story sent to me by my wonderful neighbor AND a sign that just popped up on the southeast corner of 8th and Domican, a Starbucks is on its way. It really isn't intended to be a neighborhood java joint according to plan and location, and we really need a coffee-klatch outlet IN the neighborhood (how about Morgan Park Place which neatly sits almost between S-town and G-town, and, how about Bongo Java or Portland Brew or Kijiji, rather than the corporate brew?), but, caffeine addicts can't be choosers, just yet.

It is in walking distance, kinda, but crossing the access lanes to I-65 is generally a more exciting walk than I'm prone to take. I'll take it, but I (and a host of fellow neighbors) WANT MORE!

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