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Frankly speaking, I don't think she is taking it well..

Terry Frank doesn't appear to be in a reconciliatory mood re Corker's win:

The image Bob Corker left in the minds of the voter was that he was a “real conservative. The fact is, a lot of us know a lot better. A lot of the grassroots Republicans knew a lot better. The facts here folks, are that the real conservatives were outspent and outspent by a lot.

The problem for any one in the conservative movement is not that conservatism lost, it i’s that the average voter was sold a faux conservative. And he did so with the help of a few political prostitutes that provide “political coverage” for perks.

Whenever there is a big event, there will alway be whores around to capitalize. And politics is no different.

Who is she calling a 'ho'? Is she talking about Nathan Mo'?

Ideological purity must be soooooooooo stressful.

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