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What's hot and doesn't stink?

Roughly two weeks after some withering posts from two of Salemtown's finest bloggers (ok, S-townMike and me), along with an article on the front page of the Tennessean (to which I would link except the Tennessean now wants me to PAY for looking at this old article online), the air on the North end is unmercifully heavy with humidity, but blessedly bereft of the floating miasma emitted from our neighbors to the east - the Metro Waste Water treatment plant.

You may recall that the lingering latrine olfactory treat was as much of a part of our neighborhood as the bass-knocking 'low-lows' drive-by shooting Lil Jon rap lyrics in any urban neighborhood. The company hired to haul away the sludge from the plant was running fewer trucks out of the plant and therefore leaving a LOT of aroma in and around the plant which inevitably drifted into our part of the world and probably gave a few of the folks building and selling new houses around these parts the steroidial version of the heeby jeebies.

Happily, since (or because?) the article on the front page of the Tennessean ran, the air in the hood has cleared. Area developers are smiling again. Neighborhood dogs are not yelping to stay in when it comes down for the daily walk.

Last night during our Nashville Night Out walk, we passed ten new houses either being constructed or being put up for sale, along with signs of further development. It really is an exciting time to be in the North End, esp now that we can leave our houses!

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