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Sludge happens, or, I picked the wrong year for my allergy treatments to actually start working

Today's Southern Baptist Journal, aka, The Tennessean features a front page story that, yea verily, affects my neighborhood. Seems there is a sludge backlog at the waste water treatment plant which is located about three sludge pellet throws from Salemtown. In case you didn't know, our treated 'waste' is hauled off in trucks and dumped in various landfills including one, until recently, in Rutherford County (they don't want to take any more of our sludge shit!).

BFI, the company that has the contract with Metro to haul the sludge and the smell away is in a contract dispute about how much shit can be shipped under current prices. Meanwhile, the officials at the waste water plant claim that the backlog of waste does not affect the odor of the surrounding area.

Au contraire, mes amis travaillants de merde, the miasma known as spring and summer air in the Salemtown area has been alive with the smell of olfactory muzak, or as Loudon Wainwright Jr. once proclaimed about a dead skunk, 'you don't have to look, you don't have to see, you can feel it in your olfactory'.

What once was an evening of pungency here or there scattered through the spring and summer has turned into a consistent garden of aroma here in the north end.

Like so many other Nashvillians, I am plagued with seasonal allergies. I've tried many treatments over the years, and finally this year, with the wonderful assistance of Dr. Miller at All Seasons Asthma and Allergy (free plug), and a combination of meds and shots, I'm finally able to breathe easier and am able to smell my surroundings. Just my fricking luck.....

PS. Salemtown's own (and the blogging world's) Michael Byrd is featured in the article.

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