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Spill your guts, Krumm, or the Eagle is landing..

Blogger candidate Bob Krumm (running for the state senate 21st district) has admirably (and I'm not joking with that adverb) posted his answers, along with the questionnaires sent to him by various special interest groups such as the NRA (sample question: if my kid had an automatic weapon and he used it to strafe bothersome cats in your neighborhood, would you complain?), The Eagle Forum (sample question: If phonics were good enough for the writers of the New Testament, why aren't we promoting them as the only way to teach our kids to read?) and other assorted special-interest entities.

Somehow, one of the questionnaires intended for Bob was sent to me by mistake (maybe because I link to his campaign blog??), and I wanted to post it so that he could answer these questions publicly as well.

The name of the organization is: The Eagle Forum Flies too Far to the Left

Question 1: Does life actually begin when a heterosexual male sees Heidi Klum on TV wearing a really hot outfit?

Question 2: Bea Arthur starred in a show called Maude. Her TV character opted to have an abortion. Bea Arthur subsequently appeared in the Golden Girls. Have you ever watched an episode of Golden Girls?

Question 3: If you opened your desk drawer and found two embryos left over from a couple's attempt at fertilization would you: A) send them to Vanderbilt University for research purposes? or, B) Have a team from Tennessee Right to Life come over and show you the proper method to discard unused embryos?

Question4: If you knew that Charles Manson's mother was going to deliver Charles Manson would you: A) exercise your second amendment rights to bear arms and shoot her? or, B) not mention the word abortion, but urge her to pay very close attention to a very special edition of Maude?

Inquiring minds want to know, Bob, where do YOU stand on these important issues?

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