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Be careful what you ask for, Part III, or exactly how long does a death throe last?

According to this story, an average of 100 CIVILIANS a day are being killed this year in Iraq. You can call it sectarian violence all you want, but what we have is a civil war in Iraq.

Explain to us again how terrorism is being cowed by this war? Explain to us again why Vice-President Dick 'we are in the last throes of the insurgency' Cheney is not being held accountable for his deceptions and the fact that many many people are dying based on his failed policies?

I hold Russian President Putin in no esteem whatsoever, but one has to agree that Russia, or any other country, doesn't need a democracy like Iraq's.

I don't claim to have any easy answers about what to do in Iraq right now. All I know is that the President and the Vice-President of the United States have a LOT of answering to do and that we don't need to forget that a lot of people are dying because we helped unleash a horrific civil war.

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