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She jumped in before I had a chance to explain...

I was going to introduce my SLIGHTLY younger sister*, but typically she bum rushed the show and already starting disagreeing with me before I had a chance to open the door.

I love my sister more than almost any human, living or dead. I trust her as much as I trust anyone in the world. She is a good writer and she is intelligient. We agree that the sky is blue** and that day follows night. We pretty much part ways beyond those two items. Margaret is pretty much what I would call a classic conservative. I'm really not all THAT liberal, but compared to her, I look Trotsky-like.

I invited her to post as much or as little as she wants to Salem's Lots. I didn't necessarily ask her to 'counter-point' what I have to say, because what she has to say is actually pretty interesting on it's own without anything to rebut.

I really don't know who actually reads this blog (with a few exceptions). I'm grateful to anyone who lands here and reads a bit, whether it was by choice or chance. I'm saying that because Margaret made an assumption that most of the people who read this are progressive/lib types..I don't really know that to be the case, but I'm grateful for any reader from any reach of the political or personal taxonomy.

*definitely an EM (first definition)

** Actually, John, the sky is...blah blah blah

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