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Puzzle addict, or grumpy etymologist , or me*

We saw Wordplay last night. I loved it. Perhaps this further explains my nerdness. Will Shortz - puzzle meister for the NY Times and NPR - is one of my heroes.

The centerpiece of the movie is an annual crossword puzzle tournament hosted by Shortz. Outside of a convention featuring people dressed as Klingons, never will you find a more wonderfully geeky collection of peeps. The movie also features puzzle makers, famous puzzle solvers and assorted word-nerds.

I consider myself a moderately good crossword puzzle solver. The daily Tennessean puzzle is not much of a challenge, but I've never completed a Saturday NY Times puzzle. What really baffles and bedazzles me is the folks who create the puzzles. I especially love the folks who manage to incorporate themes and puns into their masterworks. Their imagination is way beyond anything I can conjure.

I do have one great clue that I'm willing to give away to a puzzle-meister:

Hawthorne embarrassed the rent check is late**

Apropos of little, I also have a great country music title and first verse that I'm pretty much willing to give away***

* What is a crossword nerd?

**Scarlet Letter

***I've never been to Chernobyl, but I'd melt down for you

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