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Israeli gears up, or I want an ally with a slow hand..

Can somebody explain to me why there seem to be no shades of gray in the current Israeli/Hezbollah/Lebanese/Palestinean situation?

Can somebody explain to me why it is a conservative position to support Israel without question, and a progressive position to claim that there is more than one side to this story, and a far-lefty position to think that Israel is never right?

I do understand that the President of Iran is a loon who cries out for the destruction of Israel, but I also know that there are plenty of Arab voices who don't. I do understand that the Hezbollah are largely comprised of terrorists who have been allowed to control large parts of Lebanon (or have taken control of large parts of Lebanon). I understand that the kidnapping of Israeli citizens/soldiers is a cowardly despicable act that demands reprisal.

What I don't understand is bombing the bejesus out of Lebanon. Yes, I agree with Wolf Blitzer that the Lebanese government needs to take control, but why does it seem like conservatives think that Israel is always right, far lefties think that Israel is never right, and some of us think there is right/wrong on both sides.

There are plenty of victims on the West Bank..many of those are Palestinians. Not every Palestinian is screaming for the destruction of Israel..but if Israel keeps bombing Lebanon, more and more and more Palestians and others will join that foolish bandwagon.

I do know that statements like this reduce a complex and cruel situation into a monochromatic one-sided story:

The Palestinian question has always been a red herring for a broader policy of Israeli destruction. That truth has finally become starkly apparent.

That is a quote from a post by Nathan Moore of Moore Thoughts. He writes and represents well what I'm seeing as the conservative pundit position (I ain't trying to pick on him..)

I hope and pray that the current situation will ease up and a diplomatic solution can be found. I am not really optimistic this will happen soon, but I do know there are innocent people hurting and dying on both sides of that border.

When this situation does end, there will still be a Palestinian question, and yes, an Israeli question. Hopefully, clear minds will see a bit of either side...

Update after a little more thought: Yes, I know there are exceptions to the political spectrum predicting where a person falls out on this issue..my friend Sharon Cobb is certainly no right-winger and Pat Buchanan will never be described as a liberal, but generally speaking, I think my blatant generalization holds up...

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