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Salemtown & Germantown Hot Night Out Against Crime

Last night was the National Night Out Against Crime walk, and I would just like to say that considering that crime pretty much goes on year round, that a much more suitable night out against crime would be October 1st, when it is NOT 92 Freaking DEGREES.

Having got that out of my system (along with approximately 5 pounds weight loss), I have to say that the joint Salemtown Neighbors, True Salemtown, and Historic Germantown neighborhood association walk was a complete success. At some points during the walk we probably had 50 adults and children, many of whom joined the walk as we progressed.

The police escorts were wonderful, led by the star of the show, police-horse, Jose. Jose was a big hit with the kids.

I intended to get a shot of the entire group, but I kept lagging to the back. I did manage to make it to somewhere near the middle to get this shot. My lack of focus (and skill) as a photographer precludes the perception of what my neighbor Alan (foregound) is carrying - they are glow-necklaces which we were giving to all the neighborhood kids.

My block neighbor Caden and my down-the-street-fellow-blogging-neighbor, Kate O' brave the heat. Kate has also posted about the walk, and I believe she mentions the heat once or twice.

Our fearless Salemtown Neighbors President, Wendy Williams, was interviewed for WPLN during the walk. Wendy may have had an opinion or two to express.

A couple of kids got the royal treatment and were actually pulled or pushed the entire two mile length of the ordeal fun walk. One of the kids seemed a bit protective of the candy stash (we gave out candy along with the glow necklaces).

Despite the heat, and the jokes about the heat, this was a great effort. Working together with the True Salemtown folks and the Germantown peeps was quite rewarding and worth the braving the heat. As stated earlier, the police were wonderful and made sure we were safe at every intersection. We met a lot of neighbors along the route and perhaps gained a few participants for our Neighborhood Watch groups. Success.

Update: S-townMike also posted on the event, with much better pictures that actually better portray the size of our group. If I'm not mistaken, the pics were snapped by the lovely S-townWife.

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