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The gang that couldn't serve straight, or, Tennis no-one?

Our zany Metro Council is back at it...You may recall they took a bunch of money out of the Metro Action Commission Budget and split it up amongst all the councilman so that they could theoretically direct the funds to 'good things' in their own district.

According to today's SBJ aka Tennessean, money that was stolen hijacked from the MAC in north Nashville was intended for a youth tennis program in Hadley Park. The program normally serves (so to speak) around 2,000 kids.

But, here is where the fun comes in...The councilman for the district (no, it was not Ludye-cris), earmarked the money for the Hadley Park Tennis Club instead of the Hadley Park Junior Tennis Development Program (see, they sound JUST alike). The Hadley Park Tennis Club is comprised of adults and they are not a non-profit, and they have to give the money back which will go to the general fund and NOT the program for kids, which might make a person cynical, but not me...with a few exceptions (Jim Shulman for one) we have elected ourselves some boneheads.

They can't even get a slush fund appropriation right..sheeesh.

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