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Scotty no longer an earthly tarrier, or, A Geek does what..

A Houston outfit called Space Services offering a 'product' for people who have more $$$ than brains, will blast your ashes into the great beyond on their own privately launched rockets. Their latest ploy for publicity should appeal to the pointy eared-Vulcan-logical-trekkie-geek crowd.

They plan to launch the remains of James Doohan (known to most as Star Trek's Scotty) into the stratosphere later this year. Scotty is expected to orbit our geeky planet for two to three years. Unless a perpetual motion machine is patented before this amount of time elapses AND that machine is propelled into space and welded onto the Scotty-rocket, his remains will beam to earth, hopefully nowhere near the environs of 5th Avenue North..now THAT would be my luck..first I trip on a curb and then I get wiped out by a flaming Scotty...

What really caught my eye in the story (from MSNBC) was the fact that 'thousands of fans are expected to show up for the launch {of Doohan}........., many in costumes from Star Trek'.

People will spend money to travel to Houston, don costumes to see ashes being hauled....yet another sign of the apocolypse, at least a geeky one.

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