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Hey, I have a bl......

Actual conversation last night while waiting for the play to start:

John H wife: saying nothing while eyes glazed over due to illness based on John H's incessant talking about blogs

John H: (spies a young woman to his right with an IPOD on her lap..

John H: Do you know Vali (play director) or anyone in the play?

Young woman: no, but I read Aunt B's blog all the time..

John H: yeah, she is amazing..I think she wrote quite a bit of the play..

Young woman: yeah, she is hilarious. Her blog is so well written...

John H: I have a bl...(interrupted by the young woman)

Young Woman: i've found that every blog in Nashville besides B's really sucks..

John H: ast reading B's blog...hey, what's the last thing you downloaded for your IPOD?

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