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Adobe Woes

Margaret here - I like to do a little video editing from time to time – home movies or travelogues or slide shows for special occasions at church, etc. I’ve been using Pinnacle Studio 9 software and have grown accustomed to its interface. Unfortunately it is one of the buggiest pieces of software ever sold and so sometimes I’ve ended up taking my raw footage over to the house of a friend who has a Mac and redoing everything when Studio 9 gets stuck. My husband, who loves a good excuse to buy highly rated stuff, ordered Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 for me as a replacement.

It came yesterday and I’m already mad at it.

During the installation process, the registration screen came up so I went ahead and registered the product. Moments later, I saw a card that came in the box with a special offer. “Get two fascinating and fun video lessons” it says in bold red letters. Slightly smaller black print tells you to register your software online to receive the two complimentary online training sessions. The ridiculously smaller print at the bottom says, “Customers who register in-product or through other means are not eligible for this offer.” Surely, I thought, they don’t really mean that! I paid the going price for the product and registered when their own installation instructions asked me to. So I tried to register online and sure enough, I was blocked. I called customer service and the nice young man said there was nothing he could do – I should have followed the instructions.

Thanking him very much, I hung up and decided to try it on my own. Hey, I don’t need no stinkin’ training sessions.

Okay, so maybe I do. Anybody out there familiar with Premiere Elements? When I connect my DV camcorder to the computer through the firewire, the software detects the presence of my camera but gives me the following error message: “Can’t activate recorder. Try resetting camera.” I’ve tried several times to reset the camera and still get the same message. There is a help session at the adobe website related to this question, but none of the proposed solutions worked (or I couldn’t figure out how to do them).

Well, this has turned into more of a bleg than a blog post, but there it is.

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