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Take this on faith, I have no doubt...I have just seen something amazing

Tonight we got to see a play directed by a dear friend of mine, Vali Forrister. This is a play you may have read about on Aunt B's blog. Aunt B actually wrote a good bit of the play including the transcendent ending..an ending that not only worked, it was as good as the 50 best sermons and talks you've ever heard all rolled into one monologue. I'm not talking about cheese and guilt and 'we are the only ones' sermons, I'm talking about reconciliation and love and understanding and the rising. I'm talking goose bumps, tears, and, hot damn it's good.

Oh yeah, the play is called 'faith/doubt' and it is playing at the Darkhorse theater this weekend and next. It's a multi-media presentation that doesn't push the hokey meter into the red, doesn't preach at you, and doesn't try to be politically correct, even when the play is 'playing fair' with more than one belief system. The play is based on the oral 'faith/non-faith' stories of many people and woven together seamlessly.

Considering who was behind the deal (Actors Bridge, Aunt B, Vall), I knew it was going to be interesting and probably pretty good. I was wrong..it was amazing, and more than interesting.

The play would work in any city, but somehow, Nashville is the wheelhouse for this vehicle. So many of us here are chasing Jesus, running away from Jesus, worried that Jesus really isn't watching us from behind those trees over there (to borrow a Flannery O' Connnor bit) or pissed off that He is watching from those trees over there, or don't believe in Jesus or those trees, but still want to know what the fuss is about. I'm a church of Christ refugee, so a lot of it hit home to me, but you don't really have to be anything, except human, to get something out of this one.

I'm sorry to have to resort to baseball metaphors, but that is what I do, and I must say to Vali, Aunt B, the rest of the writers, and to the entire cast, you hit this one out of the park.

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