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I'll have an albertini, please, or what you get when you mix drinking, driving and running for governor..

The burgeoning Albertini for governor's campaign took a big hit this last week, when the morally upright candidate was arrested for public intoxication. He is considering dropping out of the race, according to today's Tennessean.

My favorite part of the article (along with the fact that he was handing out literature at an intersection with a bottle of wine and a handgun in his car), is Albertini's plaint:

"I don't know what I'm going to do at this point," Albertini said, unhappy as news spread about his night in jail and that people continued to "scrutinize my life with a fine-tooth comb and look at me like the devil."

The unintentional comedy portion of the governor's race will take a big hit if Albertini drops out, plus his always-entertaining Albertini for Governor website will probably disappear. One of the pages on the website features blogger endorsements of Albertini..I quote an endorsement from a fellow North Nashvillian in its entirety:

I am a strong conservative from North Nashville that will be voting in the Republican primary... never for Bredesen. The immigration issue is very important to many of my friends and we are all leaning towards Albertini because of the stand he is taking and calling ut Mr. Brison. Unless of coarse Mr. Brison will do as he promised and allow us to handle snakes in our church again.

I don't think Mr. Albertini could say it any better....

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