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Middle Tennesse Bloggers Group who actually Podcast the deal, or Lotsa cool people on this Mothership

The Mit-Blop assembled yesterday at one of my sacred spots (Mothership BBQ) bringing the rolling blog revue to Berry Hill, away from the usual grounds of Espresso Joe's way out I-24 (if it's out of the I-440 loop, it's in my 'other america'). Lotsa people took lotsa pictures (you can photo-shop me out if you don't wanna scare the peeps...of course, you might wanna consider working on Gunner, as well, just kidding)..

These things are always fun. I think someone, let's just call her Michelle, actually hopes there will be organized discussions about blogs, geeky internet 'toys', blog-prods, along with somewhat serious social intercourse, but of course, the whole thing deteriorates into goofiness, making fun of Big Bad Ivy for her boring graveyard story, making fun of people who trip on curbs and bang their head, and basic anarchy. (aside: I kid the Big, Bad Ivy..she knows i have love in my heart..).

I met some blog-types for the first time f-t-f, Malia for one, whose blog I was already familiar with, and we subsequently found out we had a few other things in common.

I always enjoy my interaction with the great Dr. Woo, along with all the Lavergne and Shirley Smyrna gang.

Meeting the Mashby and his lovely wife Holly was also a pleasure, and I totally enjoyed his entertaining take on the Tour OF France..(despite several years of French class, I can't and won't speak French).

A sampling of the things I learned at the blog-fest:

1)Gunner's name is actually Gunner. I always thought it was either a variation of Gunther or just a name that reflected what he writes about. Gunner's wife name is actually NOT Harelipfrog. Elizabeth is a very nice non-amphibian.

2)NOT to mention that Aunt B was liveblogging her families visit to Nashville in FRONT of Aunt B's family

3)Christian Grantham and his friend Vince are good looking guys. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

4)The cole slaw at the Mothership is mothershipping GOOD. I already have raved about the pulled pork, but this slaw is transcendent.

5)I may not be able to hold my own in Battleship Galactica and Firefly with Big Orange Michael, but I can throw down when it comes to Veronica Mars

6)There is a brewing civil war in Lavergne between Kathy T. and some powers-that-be.

It was fun, kids..thanks for allowing me to join the frivolity.

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