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The open letter to Corker - Be like ME!

Before he left on his vacation, Bill Hobbs wrote an open letter to primary-winning Senatorial candidate Bob Corker. Bill appeared to still be licking his wounds based on his guy (Bryant) losing, and probably still frustrated that the candidacy of Van Hilleary torpedoed Bryant.

Anyway, Bill offers lukewarm support to Corker (as if there was a snowball's chance in hell of him supporting Ford!) and then details how Corker could get his full-fledged support in 2012. I was reading the conservative litany and then realized...Bill wants Corker to be....BILL. D'oh!

I don't agree with a lot of Bill's agenda (so what..), but I do have to take issue with his characterization of a conservative as a person who supports the current war 'without hesitation'. It sounds like Bill wants Corker to be a BUSH/neo-con supporter without hesitation.

There are many conservatives who do not support this war AT ALL, much less with hesitation. George Will and Patrick Buchanan to name two...Other conservatives such as William Buckley have come to believe that we are in a no-win situation.

Supporting any war without hesitation or thought is asking Corker to be an automaton. I'm hoping that any candidate would at least question some part of this 'war's execution.

The majority of people in the USA are SICK of this war. It is a foreign policy disaster. If Lieberman loses tomorrow, it will be SOLELY because of his unflinching support for Bush's Iraq campaign.

Going back to Hobb's letter, is it really conservative doctrine to waste billions of dollars and thousands of lives? Only sychophantic partisans (read Fox News, for one) believe that this war is going well.

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