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The one where I have to explain things...(about Lieberman)

Dear conservatives - I read your blogs. I really like a lot of you. I think it is important that your views be balanced by progressive views, and that progressive views be balanced and challenged by conservative views.

In the interest of some balance to what I think is basically so far off the road that I have to comment despite the fact that I'm still dealing with the effects of a stomach virus:

1) The vote today in Connecticut is NOT about anti-semitism or about Israel or the fact that Lieberman is Jewish. Anti-semitism has been around for at least as long as Lieberman has been alive give or take 4,000 years. Yes, there is a slimy anti-semitic faction against Lieberman, but those dipwads, and their ilk, have been around for say, approximately 4,000 years. Joe has won a few elections in his portion of that timeframe.

2) The reason that Lieberman has a creditable challenger that may actually win is about ONE THING: THE WAR IN IRAQ. You know, the war that 60% of the people in the US oppose, the one that 62% of the people in the US think has been poorly executed..THAT ONE. Lieberman has not wavered in his support of that war and in his support of Bush insofar as it relates to the execution of the war. To his credit, Lieberman has not caved or equivocated in his support of the war, even though it might have helped him politically. Lieberman is an honorable man who, in this instance, is wrong-headed. If he loses, it will be because of the war.

3) Dear Michelle Malkin: the word for someone who talks excessively, spewing stupidity is logorrhea. The phrase 'diarrhea of the mouth' is disgusting and not anatomically accurate. Logorrhea is a perfectly good word that describes accurately what you are trying to say.

I hope this helps...

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