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hmmm, I thought we were fighting back terrorism in Iraq..

One of the many canards this administration has foisted on us is that Iraq is THE battleground on which we will defeat terrorism, and that if we don't 'stay the course' in Iraq, we will be battling the terrorists on our own beachfront.

The folks in London have already seen, felt and know that terrorism continues to be a lot more than the 'sectarian' war in Iraq.

Thank God for British intelligence and whatever role American intelligence played in today's Al-Queda arrests. The truth is that constant world-wide vigilance along with infiltration are the only ways that terrorism is going to be thwarted. This world-wide vigilance cannot be a USA-British only cooperative.

The truth is, the war in Iraq may have had noble, Wilsonian seeds (at least in the minds of some people), but it has turned into a maelstrom of sectarian, if not civil war violence. The USA will never win any popularity contests in many parts of the world, but the US can be a major force against terrorism, if we work with the majority of nations that want no part of terrorism.

The war in Iraq is now a distraction against the real war against terrorism and will continue to drain our human and financial resources unless we come to our senses.

Maybe today's win against the insidious terrorists will help us come to those senses.

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