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Aw, quit yer griping, or, ENUFF already

So far this week I've moaned and bitched about 'our' Kroger on 8th Avenue, people in front of me in line at Walgreens, Eric Crafton's moronic misdirected 'English-only first' bill, that idiotic mis-cast statue on I-65 south, and the worst Titan's team ever OUR TITANS.

There are positive things in life:

Unless Sarcastro's wife has evolved into a parthenogenesis state, Sar has sired a child and is evolving into an enlightened Daddy blogger.

The new 'Ollabelle' CD 'Riverside Battle Songs' is just freaking amazing. After 9/11 a bunch of New Yorkers started hanging out in this East Village bar to sing old gospel songs. One of them was Levon Helm's daughter (Levon was the drummer for 'The Band' and the incredible voice behind 'The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down'). These gospel sings led to the formation of 'Ollabelle'. If you don't know 'Ollabelle', you should...really!.

We had a trip to Target where we found the stuff we needed, some other stuff on sale that we kinda needed, and had a great check-out experience chatting with some friends and a really cool check-out clerk. I love the Target.

Lunch at the Mothership on Wednesday with the birthday Ivy, along with Kathy T and their friend Beth was fun. Now that my wife has met a few bloggers (Cobles, Kerry Woo, Sarcastro, Aunt B, Sharon, Ivy and Kathy), she understands that the blogging community for the most part is safer than the crystal meth crowd at Springwater's circa 2:00 AM (not that I've really hung with them...).

I finally got to eat at Hot Kabobs on White Bridge Road. It's every good thing that Kay West said, and more. I'd never heard of sun-dried lime before (perhaps I really am a sheltered Nashvillian), but these guys know what to do with it...wow.

Salemtown got featured on Channel 2 news, and it wasn't because of gang activity. As Ice Cube once said so eloquently,
Today I didn't even have to use my A.K.
I got to say it was a good day

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