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Child abuse by canned tanning, or, Little Miss Sunshine, we need you now!

Lindsay of Suburban Turmoil has a GREAT post about baby/toddler beauty pageants. I knew these obscenities existed, but they are so far out of my 'empty-nested' reality that I really didn't give them much thought...kinda like cock-fighting. It happens, it shouldn't, but do I give a flip?

Now, after watching 'Little Miss Sunshine' a few weeks ago and reading Lindsay's post, I'm wondering how people get so deluded that things like this make sense...how someone can so vainly rob their children of their most precious commodity - their childhood.

I loved the ending of 'Little Miss Sunshine'...our heroine was the only real child in the pageant, and her family gave her what she needed, when she needed it...I can't think of anything more becoming to a family, which is why I think that this child beauty pageant racket is so damn sad.

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