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That's me in the corner, that's me in the spotlight..

I've been milking my birthday (yesterday..in case you didn't notice (o: ) all week at work. Despite near obnoxious self-advertisements, almost everyone has ignored my request to make this week, 'a week about ME'..We do plan to close out the work week of celebration at the Mothership, where several of my fellow-workers will be spending the big bucks to support my bbq jones.

Anyway..in honor of the title of this post (a quote from REM's Losing My Religion), I am choosing my confessions - 22 of em' for now, in honor of at least 22 of the many glorious years of my life...(i'm even making myself sick at this point):

1) I watch Project Runway regularly. I totally enjoy this show. Heidi Klum may have some small part in my admiration of this show.
2) I've seen every episode of Beverly Hills 90210 - even the college years when the show actually sucked rocks)
3) I have small feet (I'll let others comment on what that may or may not portend)
4) I have a large movie-crush on Rachel McAdams.
5) I think that Billy Crudup is the most under-rated actor of the decade.
6) I love Wilson Pickett's version of the Archie's classic - Sugar, Sugar
7) I actually don't hate the Archie's version of that same song
8) I think that VF aka Tiny Cat Pant's 'Playwright' is one of the most interesting people on the face of the earth.
9) I also watch The Gilmore Girls (even though last year's season took a distressing dip in quality)
10) I have never understood the appeal of Danny Kaye
11) When I hear my daughter's voice on the phone (she is in Peru for two more years..), I tear up and try to hide it from her (and any other relative who may or may not be on the other phone at the time)
12) As much as I love The Rolling Stones, White Stripes, REM, etc., I think the highpoint of musical, and perhaps all, civilization was Mozart's 40th Symphony in G-Minor.
13) My favorite dessert (here goes my Mr. Sophistication award) is chess pie.
14) I would be happy the rest of my life, cusine-wise, if I alternated eating at 'The Mothership', 'Samurai Sushi', and 'The Greek Touch' (in the arcade).
15) I am addicted to reading blogs (yes, yours is probably one of them!)
16) I engaged in a 25 minute angry phone exchange with a account rep at Vonage and did not utter one curse word - (this was quite a feat for me, trust me). I'm sure plenty of people are happy with Vonage. We aren't 'them'.
17) I have rooted for Vanderbilt sports since I was 8 years old, and despite my extreme frustration with their football program over the years, I will root for them until I forget my name permanently.
18) Despite what I said in #14, I would be totally happy if every Sunday brunch for the rest of my life is eaten at Germantown Cafe.
19) Despite his taste in wives, I think that Woody Allen is a cinematic genius, and I'm very glad he is finally acting his age in his movies.
20) If I had to choose between television, reading books, and listening to music, I would give up items one and two, and concentrate on the 3rd. This answer has changed as I have grown older (some would say OLD)
21) The closest man has ever been to perfection is 90 feet between the bases.
22) I attended Lipscomb for 16 years. I'm still in recovery.

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