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Su Casa is WHAT...you're gonna have to say that in English or we ain't coming..or, Eric Crafton es miope y xenófobo

English speaking American city Councilman, Eric Crafton is proposing a bill that would make English the official language of Nashville, AND that all official communications performed by Metro employees be conducted in English.

So, if the bill passes, and the fire deparment gets a call that sounds like this:

mi casa está en llamas y mi perro se está quemando
(my house is in flames and my dog is on fire)..

'We're sorry, unless you phrase your complaint in English we will not be able to respond. Have a great English-speaking day, you hear, now...'

Or, an Hispanic man walks into a clinic with a suspected STD* and exclaims:

Realmente se quema cuando hago pis

Sorry sir, you come back when you can tell us that in English..good luck with that enormous mouth sore....

Sheesh..¿Hay una onza de sentido común en la cabeza de Eric? ¿Está usted fuera de su mente freaking?

Oh, I guess I should translate that...Have a GREAT DAY, Eric....

*NOt intended to exploit any stereotypes that Hispanics are prone to STD..

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