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One day yer on top, and the next day yer in the dumper...

Yesterday at the WKRN Blogger Meet-up we heard that 'vloggers' nee' bloggers are the future of journalism. The guy (Michael Rosenblum) who told us this was insightful, funny and replete with the anecdotal panache. Of course, as another wise person stated:

But honestly, Mr. Rosenblum is not just any dude with a camera. He's based in New York. He has had previous network employ. He had a buddy he could call at the Learning Channel. Most Dudes With Cameras lack these three key elements when they sit in front of Final Cut with their own personal Amblin's.

So, maybe some of us (and when I say us, I mean you) may break big, ballooning out of the blog-o-sphere into the meeeeeeeeedia.

But then I come home and read this bit of cold water buzz kill from the Kansas City Star (written by a blogger no less):

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it until I’m proven otherwise: Blogs are CB radio with permalinks. And we know how much CB changed the face of citizen media in the 1970s. It spawned a number of books, three "Smokey and the Bandit" movies and "Convoy." Some of its slang lives on, but you don’t see many cars with the antennae on their roofs anymore, do you?

So..are 'we' the future, or is the hammer about to back down?.

Hope to see ya on the flip side...Keep the bugs off your glass and the trouble off your....

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