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Festivus for the rest of us, or, my name may be Earl...

Ok, this is a purgitive hoping to release the bad mojo I seem to have accumulated. This second stupid winter cold (sorry, Sarcastro) is bringing me down, so I will not be able to perform the traditional feats of strength. That leaves us with the airing of the grievances:

1) damn cars. You finish paying for them, and guess what. They *)*^^ die on you.
2) Damn car payments for the 'new' car you had to buy because (see item 1)
3) Damn my Gateway work computer. I've griped about this before, but I remain underwhelmed
4) screw the people that stole our wind chimes. They were folk art from Mentone. They weren't worth much but I loved those stupid chimes.
5) I'm no longer upset about the fact that my doctor almost killed me during a routine biopsy (i've written too much about this before), but I do get disturbed when I see the bills
6) I'm an idiot for not backing up the files on Item #3 above because the crack Help Desk squad had to re-image my stupid computer and manage to 'lose' about 30 key folders and all of my AS/400 macros (don't ask)
7) For all the people who don't understand what YIELD means when they see that sign on the southern Metrocenter off-ramp, I'm running out of patience. You'll some day get your ass yielded right back to ya
8) For all the people who don't know how to count or don't care to count at the 15 items or less line at my neighborhood Kroger, I hope you need something fast from the DMV.

That's enough...i feel better now. Happy New Years to each and every one of you (except for a few of the folks involved in items 1-8 above).

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