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What's flatter than flat, or, it's the reverse Wizard of Oz Christmas trip

Dorothy (and many other sensible people) dreamed of LEAVING Kansas. Just to be contrarians, we're heading Kansas-ward. I'm always glad when we get to Wichita (our Christmas destination), but if you've ever seen Wichita, you'll know the irony of Shawn Colvin's wonderful song: Wichita Skyline. A skyline, Wichita has NOT. I think there's a pretty tall grain silo close to downtown, but this ain't no cosmo(politan) and it certainly ain't no party in the big scheme of cities. However my wife has a great family that somewhat counterbalances the wonder that is Wichita.

A big deficit of going to Wichita is actually getting there. See below for a slight hint what the terrain is like.

Merry Christmas to one and all, G.O.P.er or Democrat, progressive or regressive conservative, Bredesen-Christmas-card-is-no-big-deal or mountain-out-of-a-molehill-types folks that didn't care much for the card, vegans and six-meat-buffeters, and to anyone who has ever been nice enough, confused enough, lost enough or weird enough to read this blog. Thank you all.

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