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Our governor's a card, and 'surging' in Iraq...

To the 43 people who are upset about 'the' card and the 167 people who still equate the debacle in Iraq with the real war on terrorism, I don't understand you, but I wish you the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of holidays.

Here is kind of an explanation...Wishing peace on people all over the world (even those who don't look like us) is pretty much a Christian thing. I'm not sure I want the earth, but the peacemakers apparently get a pretty large inheritance.

Many of us who have always thought the war in Iraq was a horrid mistake are not against all wars. We are just against STUPID wars. We want the Taliban cleansed from Afghanistan. We want pressure put on those mid-eastern countries that hold telethons to raise money for the families of suicide bombers and who stone little girls when they dare leave their school without the proper clothing. We believe that the terrorists in Darfur and the Sudan need to be defeated. Bush can surge all he wishes in Iraq, but it's not working and most of us know it. We are not against the war because we hate Bush. We're against this war because it was the wrong war and too many people are dying so that Iraq can disintegrate into a thousand pieces.

I don't understand you, but I'm supposed to, and I guess that's what Christmas is really all about.

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