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4.5 degrees of separation, or less separation for me with Memphis

One of the abiding cliches of the last twenty years or so is that we are all connected (at least here in North America) by no more than six people. The world of trivia boggled when it seemed like Kevin Bacon was in every movie in the 1980s and 1990s, thus spawning various versions of the '6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon' game.

Aside: Kevin Bacon isn't even in the top 100 of actors that are the most 'connected'. The late great Rod Steiger wins that 'honor' hands down.

Anyway, back to the rambled-to point. I'm thinking the internet has lessened our separateness - maybe not soul-wise and spiritually - but certainly in some sort of communal way. Blogs bring people together who have never met and then they discover they worked at the same place virtually days apart. I discovered that one of my older son's best friends is the son of Kerry Woo aka Wonderdawg.

I'm leaving for Memphis in a few minutes for a few days. I'm hoping to have dinner with Lynnster tomorrow night and maybe some lunch with Lindsey on Tuesday. These are people that I probably wouldn't meet in the proverbial 100 years if it wasn't for the blog-a-teria.

Back in the late 90's I spent a LOT of time in Memphis. We were installing a then-new software system in the Memphis-Shelby county Health Department. I made several friends during that time. Most of them no longer live in Memphis or work for the Health Department any longer. Basically, I'm down to two people I really know in the entire city of Memphis. Memphis is home to LOTS of people.

What are the odds that Lynnster knows one of these two people..I dunno, but she does and we are all having dinner tomorrow night. Go figure.

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