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Ice Ice baby - fun with the Predators, or, hey look, it's a cell phone trick

The Predators rocked the house last night, winning 6-0 over the defenseless Senators from Ottawa. It was kind of like watching the Harlem Globetrotters against the Washington Generals, if that makes sense to you..

Kariya set up office in his 'corner' handing out assists like a Vegas dealer, and Sullivan, oh Sullivan, comes off a week-long injury to give us a 'natural hat trick' (scoring 3 goals in a row without any interceding goals from either team). Fans close enough to the ice threw their hats on the ice (I sit in nosebleed), which is one of those fun hockey traditions that don't seem to have counterparts in other sports. The Predators were just plain ON.

It was all fun, except for TWO things: a totally gratuitous and ugly playing of 'Rocky Top' during the second period (I don't see any Vols on the ice), and the guy in front of me with the cell phone who needed to stand up to talk on the phone. I'm going to push for a new institution at sporting events: The cell phone trick..

Someone in front of you stands up to talk on the phone or talks unreasonably loudly 3 times during the game, and you get to throw his/her cell phone on the field.....sounds reasonable to me.

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