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This may explain the low birth-rate in eastern European countries, or, I think Camino had more to drink than I realized..

I was actually trying to find a picture of one of the Doors to validate the fact that the guitar player looks a whole lot like Paulie Shore* (ok, I was watching this NPT show on 60's music and they played a clip of the Doors on Ed Sullivan performing 'Light My Fire' and I'm looking at the guitar player and thinking, damn, that dude looks like Paulie Shore and I'm also thinking that I might want to finally do something about getting a life), when I clicked on some eastern European site that purportedly HAD a picture of the Doors, and I find the above picture.

Needless to say, I was transfixed. I thought that the Doors back catalogue had been selling quite well...little did I know. This really is, the end....

*Let me hasten to add that I don't think Paulie Shore is, was, or probably will be, funny. It may be my advanced age. I prefer to think it's my IQ.

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