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Apparently I wasn't fast enough...I got tagged

Ivy tapped me for the '3 Things' meme..

Scare me: birds flying free indoors, parties where I know 1 or less people, being unprepared in a meeting

Make me laugh: Sedaris family, Sarcastro, P.G. Wodehouse

I love: Samurai Sushi, baseball trips, walking the dogs in the 'hood

I hate: printers, OCE Viviopoint 2110 copiers, Styx

I don't understand: chemistry, musical theory, the appeal of Danny Kaye

Things on my desk: a coffee cup that needs to be washed out, another coffee cup that needs more washing than the first cup, stupid quotes from George Bush

I'm doing right now: waking my wife (i thought i was typing softer), this stupid meme, wishing i didn't have to go to work tomorrow

I want to do before I die: hang glide, visit Paris (the one in France), live somewhere with a GREAT view

I can do: fairly difficult crossword puzzles, a pretty good Bullwinkle imitation, laundry

I can't do: a decent drawing (sad considering i'm the son and husband of art teachers), sing in tune, avoid tearing up when watching emotional movies or hallmark greeting card ads on tv

I think you should listen to: Aunt B, Purple Rain by Prince, The entire Rain Dog CD by Tom Waits

You should never listen to: me sing, Styx, Tim McCarver

I'd like to learn: musical theory, how to juggle, Spanish

Favorite foods: pulled pork at the Mothership, my wife's cornbread, sushi from Mr. Choo at Samurai

Beverages I drink regularly: oj and club soda, dasani lemon flavored, iced tea half sweetened and half unsweetened

Shows I watched as a kid: Superman, 3 Stooges, Bonanza

The Tagging stops HERE!

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